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    Shroud retire from CS: GO
    One of North America’s favorite support gamers, Mike “shroud” Grzesiek, laid out his programs for retirement from Cloud9 in a Twitch stream last night.

    “In my eyes, I am actually set [to retire] for 2018, ” shroud said after a fan asked when he thinks he’ll stop competing. Shroud was playing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds at the time.
    “One more solid year and I’m likely to be over [competing], ” he said. “It’s not really for sure; I’m just saying probably, ” he said. It seems that his competitive drive has run out of fuel and that he’s burnt out from their three-year career within Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.
    Shroud said he plans on full-time streaming and going to events for fun once he weighs up his hat. He will likely be the streamer for Cloud9, like Braxton “Swag” Pierce, who is also the team’s analyst.

    It’s unclear who does replace him as a support player on Cloud9 once he transitions away from competitors. The team will have at least half a year to prepare for their departure if he intends on following through with heading off.

    Who else knows? Cloud9 may even want to select a crafting European support player to fill shroud’s vacancy.

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