videos from the the Pelican State Rotor Club

Here are a couple more videos from the the Pelican State Rotor Club down in Louisiana. Here is the video from our fly-in last May in Opelousas:

And here is one I thought I had lost. It is from 2004 in Jennings La. I stumbled across it on a CD I had tucked away:

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Read the Popular Rotorcraft Association’s Report on Gyroplane Accident Causes.

View Ron Menzie’s report on Horizontal Stabilizers on the RAF2000 here.

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Note: correction on the map. The fire station marked on the map are prison buildings. The Fire station at McMurray Lane is located on the other side of the prison.

The fire station is located at the gravel road (McMurray Lane) where the two black lines are drawn marking Hwy. 68. Airport Lane intersects McMurray Lane and runs parallel to the runway. The Main hanger is a large blue building at 1522 Airport Lane.

On another note those wanting to avoid the dust of Airport Lane that are trailering in Gyros can unload on the south ramp located at 3815 McMurray Lane.




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Welcome to, Pelican State Rotor Club.



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